Group and affiliated Companies

Green Gas International B.V. Head office of Green Gas, located in Amsterdam which coordinates all group activities: strategy, corporate finance, corporate governance & compliance and marketing.


Czech Republic: Green Gas DPB S.A.

DPB is an established Czech pioneer in coal mine methane management and usage. It offers a surface and underground drilling capability as well as mine gas production and distribution. With a committed team of 400 people Green Gas DPB is a major operating company with many years of experience in methane gas to energy in Coal mine projects in Central and Eastern Europe. For more information please visit

Poland: Green Gas Poland s.p.z

Affiliated companies:

Germany: Green Gas Germany GmbH

Commercial and operational office responsible for all operations in Western Europe with a strong focus on coal mine projects in Western Germany and Landfill- and Biogas projects in Western Europe. With over 30 years experience in the landfill and coal mine industry, Green Gas Germany has designed and installed more than 200 energy generation projects worldwide. With an own central control room, Green Gas Germany provides 24/7 monitoring and control, using real-time data feeds from each site to successfully operate plants around the world. For more information please visit

Germany: Mine Gas GmbH