Landfill Methane Gas Expertise

When you are responsible for one or more landfills, environmental policy, sustainable outlook and operating the company successfully are important parameters for your stakeholders. In many closed and active landfills, additional revenues can be realized from starting or improving energy generation from the polluting methane gas that develops during the anaerobic digestion. Significant quantities of methane can be used to support the environment and generate revenues in a sustainable way. A customized turn-key solution solution to realize most clean energy can be designed, build and operated by Green Gas. We can jointly exploit the business opportunity for landfill owners and waste management companies.

Green Gas designs, builds, invests and operates these projects globally to strengthen your environmental footprint by realizing carbon credits whilst producing clean energy. Based upon your unique situation, a customised proposal is presented to deliver the service or manage the end-to-end project. Combining your and our strengths results in the best outcome, so that you can focus on your core business.

Reasons to cooperate with GreenGas