The complete solutions as provided by Green Gas can results in several valuable outcomes that create sustainable results today and in the future.

  • Clean Electricity & Heat This is the valuable product from our operations. In remote areas, it can be used for the local industrial facilities, but more frequently the electricity is delivered to the grid, resulting in immediate and structural revenues. Heat is being utilized in the region.
  • Renewable Gas When locally desirable and when the gas quality is sufficient, also gas can be delivered as an energy source.
  • Flaring of the Methane Gas Although there is a strong preference to use the energy generated, in remote areas sometimes there is no connection to the grid or lack of local energy demand. In this situation, the best alternative is to burn of the mitigated gas in an environmentally sound way for a sustainable footprint and the realization of carbon credits.
  • Carbon Credits Registration of the reduction of emissions in accordance with UNFCCC results in valuable tradable carbon credits. The hazardous methane waste gas is mitigated into clean energy whilst reducing emissions by over 95%! The Methane Gas is 21 times more polluting when entering the atmosphere than the CO2 emissions generated with the clean energy produced. These carbon credits (CERs’/ERUs) can be traded via an official listing.
  • Reduction of harmful emissions and bad odor A major advantage is the impact on the environment that Green Gas has. The current footprint of Green Gas equals the neutralization of the CO2 emissions of over one million cars that drive on the roads every year. Besides this the bad odor of the composting is improved strongly for the surrounding region.
  • Climate change
  • Carbon Credit Counter explanation - CER generated - Cars neutralized - Power created